Ducted Vacuum Filtration Options

The other differences in our ducted vacuum machines are the different filtration methods. Some people like the ease and cleanliness of a disposable bag, some like a bag less vacuum with no ongoing costs.

The filtration methods used in ALL Premier Clean vacuum machines are of the same high level, filtering out sub micron dust particles to 99+%, less than .1 of a micron.

This high level of filtration means that the machines do not require being externally exhausted like other manufacturers.

Bagless Filtration

Our Premier ducted vacuum range use a weighted drop bag filter in both systems

The Hybrid range of units utilise a Teflon coated HEPA treated filter that is designed to be self cleaning.

The Premier Metal Series utilise a 3 layer polypropylene resin fibre filter.

Both machines have the option to be used as a disposable bag machine with the bag adapter kits fitted.

Disposable Bag

Premier Clean Ducted Vacuum filter bags are a high efficiency synthetic material with multiple filtering layers.

They are standard in our Monarch and Compact Series ducted vacuum machines, and can be used in the Premier and the Hybrid machines for those who desire additional filtration and the ease of dust disposal.

A Bag design is recommended for allergy and asthma sufferers to reduce exposure to dust when emptying the machine.

This Synthetic material has twice the airflow of traditional paper bags, with a greater filtration level. Ensuing that there is greater suction and less dust expulsion from the machine.

Synthetic bags do not support the growth of mould, fungus and bacteria which require organic material to breed.

Synthetic bags are considerably stronger and will not burst or break when removing them from the machine.

Ducted Vacuum Filter Bag will last on average 6 months.